What is Eurovent’s certificate? Everything Air-conditioner consumers need to know

Eurovent (European Committee of Air Handling and Refrigeration) is an independent non-profit European organization that was established in 1958 and acts as a business union of the cooling, air-conditioning, heating and ventilation sector.

Eurovent tests and certifies that the performance and technical characteristics of such products follow all European and global guidelines. When a product is certified from Eurovent, it is guaranteed that it will perform as its’ manufacturer claims. Products that bear Eurovent’s certification badge go through strict testing protocols and are accurately evaluated from the independent organization.

Consumers benefits

When consumers see Eurovent’s certification badge on a product, they can be 100% certain that it functions exactly as its’ manufacturer claims:

  • Claimed electricity consumption is true
  • Claimed technical characteristics are present and valid
  • Claimed performance and Energy Rating are true and guaranteed

On the contrary, consumers should be aware that non-certified products can deviate from the labeled performance and technical characteristics.

Carrier certified products

Carrier, the company established in 1915 by Willis Carrier, modern’s air-conditioning inventor, has been for more than 100 years one of the world’s leading companies in industrial and household cooling and heating solutions. We are proud to bear Eurovent’s certificate badge on all our products:


Learn more about Eurovent at the official website https://www.eurovent-certification.com/